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Clash detection should detect linestrings

Some existing contextual on initial design models will be line strings such as Existing Utilities. Clash detection is not picking these up.

  • Bob Freeman
  • Mar 3 2021
  • Jan 17, 2023

    Admin response

    Thank you for your feedback but unfortunately the clash detection engine requires 3 dimensional objects to calculate collisions. A vector line by definition does not define an volume.

  • Harold Bautista commented
    18 Jan 01:25am
    Looks like bentley will not add this. NAVISWORKS and Revizto might be the way to do if revizto and navisworks can do this, i think i twin should.
  • Harold Bautista commented
    15 Dec, 2021 12:53am

    known issue in the past with any bentley software. hope they will fix this one now.

  • Dominic Seah commented
    3 Apr, 2021 08:43am

    Yes! Please note that a lot of information provided by subcontractors are still in 2d CAD format. They often have years of automation invested and links to fabrication systems that are not compatible with trendy 'BIM' apps. It would be good to be able to clash detect against 2d as well as 'open' 3d CAD geometry.