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Ability to set display name in the model tree for mapped models

When you map a model to in iModel the display name that will show up in the model tree within Design Review will always be the file name. If you're using PW to synchronize the files this file name will be a document code. This code is not user friendly and says very limited information about the content and purpose of the model. And especially in cases where you synch DGNs and Revit models into a single iModel the list of models in the model tree can be very long and it will be hard for the average users to find the right information.

It would be extremely useful if we could set a display name for a mapped model which will be the one shown in the model tree. Please see the attached image for how the proposed model tree could look like.

I can imagine this option being implemented on the connection configuration page for each mapped model with just an extra button that allows you to set a display name.

  • Tamas Dravai
  • Jul 13 2021
  • Future consideration
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  • Christiaan Post commented
    13 Jan 08:54am

    Yes please add this one asap it's the end users are asking for this and it really helps them to understand the model better.

  • Jason Symonds commented
    13 Jul, 2021 09:24am

    This would make the model tree so much more user friendly and would really benefit users who either don't use iTwin often or who are not CAD users and don't know the model naming convention used.