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Summarized report vs. issue email spamming!

As it is now users are recieving an email each time and issue have been adressed. This can mean MANY emails throughout a day :(

Instead of an email per issue every time an issue is addressed to a user or user group/discipline role, we would like an option to send a summarized issue report to the person or persons involved.

This with a specified interval 1-3 times a day at the specified time.

  • Mikkel Bennedbæk
  • Mar 27 2023
  • Ollie Hine commented
    27 Mar 02:35pm

    Could it also be beneficial to select which items users would get notified about, customisable notifications?
    - New issues added

    - When an issue is closed

    - Choose specific issues the user wants to be notified about, or even pinned at the top of the report

    - When an issue is commented on (this could be a lot of emails, but could be useful if the user needs a critical issue they need to monitor)

    - If an issue is given a higher priority or "Blocker" status (whatever the highest priority is for i-twin)