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Sync from BIM 360

Allow data mapping and synchronizations from BIM 360

  • Laisvune Valackaite
  • Oct 13 2020
  • Future consideration
  • Christiaan Post commented
    27 Sep, 2022 08:08am

    See image

  • Christiaan Post commented
    27 Sep, 2022 08:06am

    Please add the possibility to create a connection to BIM360 Datasource (see attachment)

    Now adys is called Autodesk Construction Cloud

    We as Engineering firms have to deal with data from diffrent datatsources so it would be a great opportunity for us and also for Bentley if we can have a connection inside iModelhub to a third party like BIM 360/ Autodesk Construction Cloud for example. Our projects are running on both systems and its realy time consuming to copy over the data from BIM360/ Autodesk Construction Cloud to ProjectWise and make the connection to the models. We as engineers has to deal with it every day .