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Tab or Reset to cycle through closely located Linear Geometry

In many circumstances, Linear Geometry may be located in the same location or very close to each other and it gets very difficult to find desired geometry, especially to use the Civil Review tools. Adding a selection cycling key like tab or reset would make this much easier and improve user experience.

  • Mark Shamoun
  • Oct 30 2020
  • Already exists
  • Taylor Gilmore commented
    4 Nov, 2020 04:50pm

    Hi Mark,
    Glad to hear. This isn't well documented currently. We'll look and making this more prominent for users.


  • Mark Shamoun commented
    2 Nov, 2020 10:15pm

    Thanks Taylor, yes this does what I was looking for. Is this mouse gesture detailed like the others? I couldnt find it.

  • Taylor Gilmore commented
    2 Nov, 2020 03:33pm

    Hi Mark,

    The Middle Mouse click is a tentative snap option that allows the user to cycle through the elements that are under the cursor. Are you familiar with this? Does this meet your needs?