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Ability to specify a saved view as a default/home view when loading iModel

User story:

Currently user can create a new view but cannot specify which view is to be used as the default view when loading iModel. For users who are not familair with the model/ project, even if they are presented with all iModel views and saved views, they still would not know which view to choose/ use.

Letting user specify a default view to improve UX.


  1. Go to "..." of a saved view

  2. Choose "Default" (toggle on)

  3. This saved view will be marked as the default view

Only one saved view is allowed to be marked as default per iModel for the user.

Once a view is marked as the default view, some marker such as a home icon can be used to different this view from others (similar to how shared view has a little icon).

This default view (marked by user) will be used for loading iModel in apps.

If a view is marked as both Default and Shared, then need to decide whether this view should be set as the default view for all members. And permissions may need to be taken into consideration.

  • Jacqueline Chen
  • May 4 2021
  • Planned
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