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Background Mapping toggled OFF by default when loading iModel

Background maps, although very useful and adding immediate context to each design, is being reported by 95% of our users as cumbersome when first opening any iModel. Could we have the maps toggled OFF by default when opening up an iModel? This is a request I (iTwin admin) get a daily basis. It makes sense to have the background mapping available similar to any reality data or context share data – if a user want to see the map - they need to toggle it on, rather than having it Forced ON every time you load up an iModel or open up clash test results.

Perhaps this can be setting applied per project – where we have a choice to enable the maps toggled ON/OFF when any user opens up an iModel. Surely we can be the only project finding this cumbersome? This is particularly annoying when using clash detection.

  • Lourens Van Emmenis
  • Jan 24 2023
  • Released
  • Jan 25, 2023

    Admin response

    Thank you for submitting this idea.

    As we develop our plans to work on this area of the product in the future we will consider this high priority.

  • Admin
    Bill McNamara commented
    25 Jan 12:52am

    Jason, I will ask the dev team if we are able to control the Map extents to the project area and if there are no technical hurdles We will make a parallel idea. Laurens and Jason thanks for taking the time to make these suggestions

  • Lourens Van Emmenis commented
    24 Jan 03:45pm

    Excellent point, Jason!

  • Jason Symonds commented
    24 Jan 03:42pm

    A project map toggle would be ideal.

    It would also be useful if the initial bounding box (when creating the imodel) was able to limit the background mapping available as well as the design models. Then site specific mapping could be loaded quickly rather than the whole world!